Renaissance and Reverence

Kareem: Calimport is a vast metropolis in the Calimshan desert filled with people of all walks of life: Slave, Peasant, Merchant, Guildsman, Artisan, Criminal, Extraplanar monstrosity, Warlord, Sultan.

Ascalapha: Whoa, hold on… extraplanar monstrosity? What uhh… What’s that all about?

Kareem: I’m not quite sure, If I am to be honest! Four Adventurers came through recently and supposedly uncovered a plot to kill the mother of magic, mistress of mysteries, the goddess Mystra. I believe their Names were Artemis, Cirrus, Lissa, and Jolder.

Ascalapha: Well, where are these supposed “adventurers” now?

Kareem: I believe that they received a letter that pointed toward Evermeet. It could lead them toward more information on these angelic creatures.

Ascalapha: I hope they get back soon. I have some information they might find useful….

Uncanny Calimport

Calim anowon